Cannabis: A Universal Helper and Medicine – Part VI: Description and Use of Hemp Seeds

Since the first issue of My Herbs came out in July 2016, we have been introducing you to the healing effects of perhaps the most controversial herb today – cannabis.

In part V, we introduced you to the medical benefits of the plant’s root and stem. Here, in part VI, we’re going to focus on the seed.

“A wonderful food and an effective medicine” – that is what is said about the seeds of the female cannabis plants in some of the oldest preserved pharmacopoeias (books containing lists of medicines and drugs along with instructions for their use) found in various corners of the world.

Even in prehistoric times people already knew about and regularly consumed hemp seeds.


Several times in this series, we have already mentioned the herbal pharmacopoeia of the legendary Chinese emperor Shennong, dating roughly to the period of 3000 B.C.


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